The Feminine Domain: Four signs your ex-partner has not forgotten you

Friday, December 13, 2013

Four signs your ex-partner has not forgotten you

He may have told you several times that you forgot or is well after the separation , but some signs reveal who is lying .
 1 - You still have your stuff. If you 've been bothering you back to the things you left at home when you left and he makes no attempt to comply , you can have any hope they have not done. Sure, some guys are lazy or spiteful , but if your ex 's delay in giving you what is yours , might still have feelings for you.

2 - Calls just to talk. Former calling you " just to talk " is an ex who still prefer to be in your life . Being friends after a breakup is possible, but it usually takes time. Calling you just end the relationship is suspect.
3 - She sends messages for no reason. Like call just to talk , if your ex sends an alarming number of post- breakup messages, you could be struggling to stay alone. Messages One or two is fine just the beginning of the separation , to check how you are doing or to ask you to give him back something, maybe , but regular posts of someone who has left (or left to you ) can be a sign something that remains pending.
4 - Appears without warning. If you're with your best friend at your favorite cafe or bar and it just appears that just walked in the area, could indicate that he wants to get back together . Appear without warning in places that used to frequent the two is a glaring neon sign that you probably want it back .

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