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Saturday, June 29, 2013

6 tips to sell a wedding dress online

One of the most common questions that are made after the wedding brides is: Where I can sell the wedding dress? The answer is Weddalia, specialized page # 1 in Spain to buy and sell wedding dress. But before selling the wedding dress, you have to consider some helpful tips to help you sell your dress more quickly.

1. Sell ​​wedding dress as soon as possible.

If you've decided that you want to sell the wedding dress, it is best to sell it ASAP. The less time you have the dress, the higher the price for which you can sell. Please note that the designs and styles change over collections, and what is fashionable today may cease to be so in a while. So if you're determined sell wedding dress asap!

2. Choose an attractive price for both parties.

If you want to sell the wedding dress should choose a price that is attractive to buyers. The price to sell your dress will depend, among other details, the time you have the dress and the state in which you are. A wedding dress once used should be cheaper than a new wedding dress, as well as the selling price of a wedding dress more than two years should be cheaper than a dress on sale nothing out of the cleaners.

If you do not know what price to put the wedding dress sell used our dresses assessment tool! In less than 10 seconds and completely free of charge you will know how much money is worth your dress so you can put it on sale in Weddalia!

3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

A good image is essential to sell the wedding dress. The better the image, the more increase your chances of selling the dress. That's why from Weddalia we recommend that you use the photographs that I made the day of your wedding, where the dress is seen in all its glory. Use good quality photographs, as in photography Weddalia ads may be in size, making it easier for buyers to see perfectly the details of your dress. In addition, you can add 6 photos Weddalia more besides the main, so that there is no detail no sight, helping you to sell the wedding dress.

4. Describe all the details of your dress.

In addition to photographs, to increase the chances of selling the wedding dress is very important to have a good description. It is very important to detail the size, make, model, color, fabric, silhouette, neckline, and the state of dress.

Weddalia is the only page in Spain with specialized ads designed solely to sell wedding dresses, achieving a better experience buying and selling and increasing the chances of selling the dress. In Weddalia can sell wedding dress by posting a notice with details of more than 10 different points of your dress, as mentioned above. Because we know that your wedding dress is special, so are our ads.

5. If you have other accessories ... give them away with the dress!

The wedding day wedding dress always complemented with pretty shoes, a good veil and perhaps a can can. If you have decided to sell the wedding dress, why not add these accessories to dress? Ads that give away the shoes, the veil or the dress can can be more attractive to buyers and increase your chances of selling the wedding dress!

6. Choose the best place to sell a wedding dress.

Perhaps this is the most important tip of all: choose the best place to sell a wedding dress. Internet is full of pages generalists to serve ads of all kinds. If your wedding dress is special why sell it on a page that also sells from cars to appliances?

In Weddalia know how important it has been for you your wedding dress, so much as spoil what you have done. Our ads are designed and created to exclusively sell wedding dresses as yours. In Weddalia photographs are large and with the highest quality, and our listings can highlight the detail of more than 10 different points of your wedding dress. The result of that dedication is a buying and selling experience special, with which we could increase the chances of selling your wedding dress.

If you follow these tips you will not have any trouble selling your wedding dress!


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  2. Yeah, you can sell your bridal dress for about half of what you paid for it if it is an older fashion or non-designer brand. If you have branded dress then you can generally sell it for about 75% of its retail price.

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