The Feminine Domain: December 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Seven reasons to detach the cell

 We live in a digital world and are almost always attached to the cell uploading photos , updating our status or just talking to someone.
 Now it has become an addiction and we miss some special things that happen in real life .
If a meeting is not enough , a movie, a talk to let the phone aside, here we are seven reasons to leave it for now and enjoy more to not rely on mobile phones.

1. You'll sleep better
If you are inspecting the cell always before bed, and even you fall asleep with the device in hand you will surely sometimes you uncover much or you can not sleep soon.
The light from these devices affects the brain , in addition , according to a research study at university of Washington , the more messages you send during the day , the worse you sleep at night.
Two . You give importance to what really matters
Sometimes we do not realize how important personal relations , study, or have time to flip forward and see the street , people or landscape.
Risks can become greater when the case is extreme, as happened to the Huffington Post blogger , Jennifer Meer , whom an email almost cost the life of his young daughter. Meer left the three year old girl in the bath while answering an email on your iPad , the child may have drowned.
Three . The body undergoes
The body tends to change position when using the phone, down the neck and spine makes unnecessary force . In fact there is already the term textneck neck or to send messages, which refers to pain that generates poor posture, Chris Cornett said the specialist .
April . It is a danger
We know it is illegal and we know the danger is using cell while driving . Many still lead while reviewing your cell phone, send messages , facebookean , tweet and in Whats app . According to a U.S. report , when you're using the phone behind the wheel , you're 23 times more likely to have an accident .
May . You 're irresponsible pedestrian
For those who do not drive or when your phone jacks lower the car, you're still seeing irresponsible walking your phone and not see your surroundings. According to research from the British Medical Journal, one in three people are distracted with cell while walking on the street.
6. It affects your study or work
All check their phone while going to college or are in their workplace. Attention is focused more on the Smartphone in inclusive classes or work activities.
7. You are away from your passions
Do not forget to prioritize your spaces . No doubt there are places and spaces to be sacred to each person , such as your workplace, the gym or even a family reunion. Not bad to listen to music while running or check the mail suddenly when something urgent , but do not forget to share with your loved ones.

Four signs your ex-partner has not forgotten you

He may have told you several times that you forgot or is well after the separation , but some signs reveal who is lying .
 1 - You still have your stuff. If you 've been bothering you back to the things you left at home when you left and he makes no attempt to comply , you can have any hope they have not done. Sure, some guys are lazy or spiteful , but if your ex 's delay in giving you what is yours , might still have feelings for you.

2 - Calls just to talk. Former calling you " just to talk " is an ex who still prefer to be in your life . Being friends after a breakup is possible, but it usually takes time. Calling you just end the relationship is suspect.
3 - She sends messages for no reason. Like call just to talk , if your ex sends an alarming number of post- breakup messages, you could be struggling to stay alone. Messages One or two is fine just the beginning of the separation , to check how you are doing or to ask you to give him back something, maybe , but regular posts of someone who has left (or left to you ) can be a sign something that remains pending.
4 - Appears without warning. If you're with your best friend at your favorite cafe or bar and it just appears that just walked in the area, could indicate that he wants to get back together . Appear without warning in places that used to frequent the two is a glaring neon sign that you probably want it back .